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Entering employment

You accrue pension benefits with ABP via your employer.

ABP introductory letter

All new employees receive a welcome letter from ABP. In this letter, we briefly explain the ABP pension scheme. For example, we explain what options you have when you retire and when you need to pass on information or inform us of changes, such as registering your partner for the surviving dependants' pension.

Uniform Pension Overview (UPO)

Every year, you will receive an overview of your pension, this is known as the Uniform Pension Overview.

More information

  • In the event of your death, your (ex-) partner and/or children are entitled to a benefit. This is known as the ABP Surviving Dependants' Pension. There is a difference between a partner with whom you are married/have a civil partnership and a partner with whom you are cohabiting. Are you cohabiting? Your partner will only receive the surviving dependants' pension once he or she is registered with ABP.
  • Do you wish to transfer a previously accrued pension to ABP?