Transferring accrued benefits to ABP: how does it work?

If you have accrued pension benefits abroad, you can transfer these to ABP. Do you want to submit a request for the international transfer of accrued benefits? Download the Model Questionnaire for the International Transfer of Accrued Benefits, complete the form, and send it to your pension provider abroad. They will then forward it to ABP:

Postbus 4804
6401 JL Heerlen

We will check whether the requirements for transferring accrued benefits abroad have been met.

If you have accrued a pension in the Netherlands before and you wish to transfer this to ABP, you must submit an accrued benefits transfer request via You will then receive confirmation of your request from us. At this point, the transfer cannot yet be completed. If the policy funding ratio of both pension providers is 100% or more, you will receive a quote from us. The accrued benefits transfer will only be conducted once you agree to this quote. 

Make an informed decision

Your new pension scheme, as well as your personal situation and your needs, will determine whether value transfer is a good choice for you. ABP cannot advise you in this. It is useful to compare your new and old pension schemes and ask yourself the following questions:

  • At what age can you stop working?
  • How will your pension scheme change? Will it follow price or wage developments?
  • Do you have individual options?
  • What is your survivors’ pension scheme like?
  • Do you bear any investment risk?
  • Will future wage increases have a continued effect within your ‘old’ pension scheme after value transfer?