Termination of employment

Are you leaving your job? If so, then you will receive a termination letter from ABP containing all information you need to know about your pension.

New job

If you take a new job within the government sector or education sector in the Netherlands, you will continue to accrue pension benefits with ABP. If you take a new job outside these two sectors, you will no longer accrue pension benefits with ABP. In such cases, you can transfer your pension to your new pension provider. 

Important: Moving outside the Netherlands

If you move to an address outside the Netherlands, it is useful to consider the following aspects:

  • Request a DigiD account or an eIDAS (within the EU).
  • Pass on your personal email address to enable us to continue to help you.
  • Inform us of any changes of address outside the Netherlands, as we will not receive notification of these changes.
  • Also remember to inform the RNI of your new address.
  • Also inform the SVB.