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New: logging in from abroad without a DigiD

Until recently, it wasn’t possible to log in to a Dutch government website or your personal Mijn-omgeving without a DigiD. But under the EU’s eIDAS Regulation, the countries listed below have agreed to mutually recognize electronic IDs (eID).

As a result, you can now log in securely to MijnABP without a DigiD. Simply use the national login procedure for that country. See a list of the participating countries here.

An eID is an electronic identity that gives you secure personal access to Dutch government websites and online platforms, or any organization that acts on behalf of the government, such as a pension fund or a bank. The official eID for the Netherlands is called a DigiD.

EU countries use different electronic means of identification (eID), such as DigiD. Until recently, there were no agreements to accept each other’s eID. This will change with the EU’s eIDAS regulation. This gives government bodies in participating EU countries access to each other’s eID. The login procedure must be approved by the European Commission.

For more information about eIDAS and DigiD, please visit the Dutch government website. Or contact us.