The retirement age is 68. Your old age pension will be calculated based on this age. With ABP, you can decide your retirement age for yourself. If you choose to retire earlier, your pension payments will be lower. If you choose to retire later, your pension payments will be higher. You can retire at any moment between your 60th birthday and five years after reaching the state pension age.

Are you considering retirement? Via MijnABP, you can enter different retirement dates and calculate what the amount of your monthly pension payment would be. You can also easily register your retirement via MijnABP: this option is available in the event that you will be retiring in the next nine months.

Tip: MijnABP is in Dutch, although we have compiled a Reading Guide in English.

Retirement abroad

Are you retiring and do you live outside the Netherlands? If so, you should pay attention to a number of factors.

Payroll tax deductions
Your payroll tax deductions depend on the country in which you live. You can find more information about payroll tax deductions outside the Netherlands on the website of the Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst).

Avoid double taxation
You pay tax on your pensions in the Netherlands. You may also have to pay tax on your pension in the country you live in. The Netherlands has made agreements with a number of countries. These agreements have been incorporated into tax treaties. In these treaties, the countries in question arrange their tax jurisdictions. You should ask the Dutch Tax and Customs Administration for an exemption from income tax deductions as this will prevent you from paying tax in both countries.

In order to assess where you must pay tax, the Tax and Customs Administration will require you to provide an overview of your duty period. This can be found via MijnABP. Send this overview, together with a letter containing your application for exemption from paying tax in the Netherlands, to the Tax and Customs Administration's International Department (Afdeling Buitenland). The address is P.O. Box 2865, 6401 DJ Heerlen. The telephone number is +31 555 385 385.

Are you not receiving an old age pension or a surviving dependants' pension? If so, we will send you the 'Life certificate' form every year. This form is necessary as we are not notified when somebody moves house, gets married or dies while living outside the Netherlands. 

The 'Life certificate' form must be completed by the Dutch embassy or consulate, the municipal authorities in your place of residence, a court or a notary. It is vital that the person completing the form also officially signs or stamps it, as otherwise the 'Life certificate' form is invalid. 

For our address details, see the page write to us. You can also send us an e-mail.

We do not automatically receive notification of all changes. You must notify us of the following changes yourself:

  • Marriage or cohabitation (you must also inform us of your partner's name).
  • Your relationship ends.
  • Your bank account number changes.
  • You move to an address outside the Netherlands.

Frequently asked question

ABP will buy out your pension if the gross amount per year is lower than €520.35 and if you have given permission for ABP to buy out your pension. In this case, you will receive all of your pension benefits in one lump sum. We will pay out this lump sum in the month in which you reach the state pension age.

Deferment of buyout of small pension
Whether or not to defer the buyout is your decision. If you have agreed to have your pension bought out, you will receive the payout in the month in which you reach the state pension age. You can choose to defer the payment until a maximum of five years after reaching the state pension age. If you defer payment, the pension amount will be higher. The buyout amount will therefore also be higher.

You may also be entitled to supplements. Is your pension plus the supplements higher than the buyout threshold? If so, ABP can no longer buy out your pension and your pension will be paid out to you on a monthly basis.

If you buy out your pension, you must pay tax on the gross amount. The Tax and Customs Administration can provide information on this matter. Contact us as soon as possible in the event you wish to defer the buyout.