Life events

Has your personal situation changed? If so, this can affect your pension. When should you take action?

Unfit for work

If you become ill or disabled for work under your current or previous ABP employer, you will not have to take action in the first two years of your illness. Everything at ABP will continue as normal. You only need to take action with regard to your pension once you have been unfit for work for over two years. Watch the video (with English subtitles) for more information about incapacity for work.

New relationships

Are you going to get married, cohabit or enter a registered partnership? If so, click here for more information on when you need to pass on this information to us. 

End of a relationship

Are you getting a divorce or ending a registered partnership? If so, you will have to make decisions regarding how your old age pension and surviving dependants' pension will be distributed. Which options are open to you in this regard and what you need to do depends on your personal situation.

Were you unmarried and did you register your partner with ABP? If so, then deregister your partner via MijnABP. Your ex-partner is not entitled to a share of your old age pension, although he/she may be entitled to a share of your surviving dependants' pension. 

Moving house and emigration

If you move house within or to the Netherlands, we will be automatically notified of this via your municipal authorities. You therefore do not need to inform us of your move. If you move to an address outside the Netherlands (either from the Netherlands or from another non-Dutch address in the event you already live abroad), you must pass on your new address details to the RNI.


The surviving dependants' pension is the pension that your partner and children receive in the event of your death. This is known as the ABP Surviving Dependants' Pension. Whether or not you receive a surviving dependants' pension depends on a number of factors. Watch the video (with English subtitles) for more information.

Important: If you live in the Netherlands, the municipality will inform us of your death. If you live abroad, your surviving relatives will have to inform us of your death by providing a death certificate. We will do everything we can to ensure the surviving dependants' pension is organised as soon as possible.