Financial situation

The coverage ratio is the indicator for ABP’s financial situation and expresses the ratio between the fund’s assets and liabilities. Various factors impact the coverage ratio.
The dashboard shows you at a glance ABP’s financial situation at October 31st, 2022:

Current coverage ratio

Critical coverage ratio 105,6%
Required coverage ratio approximately 129,0%

The policy coverage ratio is 118,1%. This is the average of the 12 most recent coverage ratios.

  • Assets

    Available assets
    € 461 billion
    € 1 bn
  • Liabilities

    This is the value of the pensions which ABP must pay out now and in the future.
    € 367 billion
    - € 3 bn
  • Assets impacted by:


    € 1,4 billion
  • Liabilities impacted by:


    0,0 pt.

    This is the interest rate which ABP must use to value the liabilities.

  • Pension


    You pay: 7,93%

    Your employer pays: 17,97%

  • Life expectancy

    88,2 years
    0,0 years

    Average life expectancy of 65-year-olds (ABP population).

  • Indexation over 2021

    Total missed indexation to year end 2021: 20,0%

    Reduction of pensions

    Reduction: 0%

  • Legend

    A blue arrow indicates the increase relative to the previous month.
    A red arrow indicates the decrease relative to the previous month.