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Our financial situation

Various factors affect our financial situation, with the coverage ratio serving as a key indicator. This reflects the relationship between assets and liabilities.


In the dashboard, you will find ABP’s financial snapshot as of May 31, 2024:

Current coverage ratio
groene pijl omhoog

1,7 % higher than in April 2024

Policy coverage ratio
Groene pijl omhoog

0,1% higher than in April 2024

The current coverage ratio shows whether ABP has sufficient funds to meet present and future pension liabilities. A 100% coverage ratio means ABP has precisely €100 in assets for every €100 in pension liabilities. This ratio guides decisions on potential collective value transfers.

The policy coverage ratio is the 12-month rolling average of the coverage ratios. This guides decisions on individual value transfers and pension indexation.

Higher than 110 %

The policy coverage ratio is high enough for indexation.

Lower than 110 %

The policy coverage ratio is not high enough for indexation.



More details on the coverage ratio

How is the current coverage ratio determined?


€ 503 billion
Rode pijl omlaag

Increase of € 5 bln compared to April 2024.

Assets are ABP’s available funds.

  • An increase in assets has a positive impact on the coverage ratio.
  • A decrease in assets has a negative impact on the coverage ratio.


€ 437 billion

Decrease of € 2 bln compared to April 2024

Liabilities are the pensions we must pay now and in the future.

  • A decrease in liabilities has a positive impact on the coverage ratio.
  • An increase in liabilities has a negative impact on the coverage ratio.

Which factors influence the assets and liabilities?

Return on assets

+ 4.5 billion
Rode pijl omlaag

Effect on coverage ratio: +1.0 pt. 

Returns affect assets. Higher returns lead to a more significant increase in assets. Negative returns lead to a decrease in available assets.

Our investment results

Actuarial interest rate for liabilities

2.6% (0.1 pt.)

Effect on coverage ratio: 0.7 pt.

The actuarial interest rate determines the assets we need to accommodate our future pension liabilities.

Explanation of actuarial interest rate


27.0 %

Percentage of (salary -/- franchise)

You pay 8.10%. Your employer pays 18.9%.

Pension premium: who pays what?

Life expectancy

88.2 years

Average life expectancy

For life expectancy, we consider ABP participants who are currently 65 years old.

More information

Pension indexation

0.0 %

For 2024

Total maximum missed indexation untill 2023: 20%

Your total missed indexation