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Quarterly report Q1 2023

20 april 2023

Heerlen/Amsterdam, April 20, 2023. ABP’s financial position improved very slightly in the first quarter of 2023. For the first time in a year, the fund again recorded a plus of 2.3% on the investment result. Available assets increased by almost €11 billion to €470 billion in the first three months. Because interest rates fell slightly (0.1%) in this first quarter, the value of all pensions that ABP must pay out now and in the future increased by €6 billion. The current coverage ratio increased slightly in the first quarter from 110.9% to 111.9% due to the development in returns and liabilities. The policy funding ratio remained stable at 118.6%.


  • Current coverage ratio rises slightly to 111.9%
  • Investment result +2.3% (€10.7 billion)
  • Policy funding ratio stable at 118.6%

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