Connecting almost 1,000 villages sooner to fiber thanks to cooperation KPN and ABP

23 maart 2021

With an investment of more than 1 billion euros, pension fund ABP and KPN will make it possible to roll out fiber to almost a thousand villages and small residential centers years earlier. KPN previously announced it plans to connect 2.5 million households in larger municipalities to fiber in the next five years. The roll-out of fiber in other areas can be accelerated by working together with ABP. By end of 2026, almost 700,000 households in villages such as Ankeveen, Grou and Zuidoostbeemster will be connected to fiber, replacing the connection via copper. In addition, more than 200,000 addresses on approximately 1,400 business parks will have access to a fiber connection years earlier than planned. At the end of 2026, about 80% of all households in the Netherlands will have fiber either through KPN or through the cooperation announced today. Also after that, KPN will remain committed to providing the whole of the Netherlands with superfast internet.


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