ABP sets course for climate-neutral investment portfolio

6 februari 2020

Reduce coal mines and tar sands, reduce CO2 emissions in the overall portfolio by 40% compared to 2015, invest €15 billion in sustainable and affordable energy, and invest 20% of total assets in the Sustainable Development Goals. This is what ABP wants to achieve by 2025. In its new sustainability policy, the pension fund outlines its vision for a climate-neutral investment portfolio by 2050, its ambitions for 2030, and concrete goals for 2025 to achieve that vision. For example, ABP has the ambition to stop investing in coal for generating electricity (in OECD countries) by 2030. The transition to clean energy to address climate change is one of three key transitions ABP wants to respond to in the coming years. The other important transitions are conservation of natural resources, and the digitalization of society.


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